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Shah Mahmood Qureshi said the Pakistan Army had downed an Indian drone on Wednesday, which was an example of India’s aggression.

Pakistan’s remote clergyman Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Wednesday that any animosity by India will get a “befitting reaction” as the nation’s kin and military are consistently prepared to react to any Indian antagonistic vibe.

State-run Radio Pakistan cited Qureshi as saying in an announcement: “India’s contentiousness is planned for inciting Pakistan, yet we indicated tolerance before and will practice restriction in future as well.”

Be that as it may, the remote clergyman made it understood Pakistan “maintained total authority to its barrier”.

Qureshi said the Pakistan Army had brought down an Indian automaton on Wednesday, which “was a case of India hostility”. He didn’t give subtleties or state where the automaton was brought down.

He included, “We favor the way of harmony however our longing for quiet ought not be confounded as our shortcoming.” Qureshi likewise gave a “reasonable message to India to act reasonably and live with harmony”, as indicated by Radio Pakistan.

There was no prompt reaction to Qureshi’s comments from Indian authorities. The quick incitement for Qureshi’s remarks additionally couldn’t be found out.

Lately, both Qureshi and Prime Minister Imran Khan have more than once focused on India over the circumstance in Kashmir and the treatment of India’s minorities. Khan even censured India’s treatment of an outskirt column with Nepal in a tweet on Wednesday.

India has dismissed such analysis by Khan and other Pakistani pioneers as impedance in the nation’s inward undertakings and approached Pakistan to address the issue of psychological warfare radiating from its dirt.

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