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Ghaziabad DM has extended the lockdown till May 31
Till May 31, the district will remain under restrictions imposed during Lockdown 3.0
Extension has been ordered in wake of rising Covid-19 cases and upcoming Eid, the DM order said
The lockdown restrictions in Delhi’s neighbouring Ghaziabad have been extended till May 31. In an order, Ghaziabad district magistrate said that all restrictions imposed during the third leg of the lockdown will remain in place till May 31.

The extension has been ordered in wake of rising Covid-19 cases and upcoming Eid festival, the DM order said.

As per the order, spitting in public places will be punishable by fine, going out without a face cover will also be a punishable offence, all religious places will remain closed and assembly of five or more people in any public space is prohibited.

All public events like cultural, religious, political, sports programmes and rallies will remain prohibited till May 31. For any marriage ceremony or funeral procession, prior permission will be required.

For permitted activities, people can move around between 7 am to 7 pm. People aged above 65 and below 10, pregnant women, as well as people with high-risk individuals, must leave home only in emergency situations.

Salons, spas, malls, cinema,s gyms, sports complexes, swimming pools, entertainment parks, etc will remain closed.

Educational institutions will remain closed.

The district reported eight new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday. The region’s tally has reached 103 cases. Out of these 50 patients have recovered so far.

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