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Tibetan PM advise on Tensions between India and China over the LAC issue in Ladakh appear to be easing and the armies of both countries are slowly retreating in eastern Ladakh. In many areas, the two countries’ armies are returning to normal. The improvement comes as military-level talks between the two countries are set to take place this week. On the Indo-China issue, Prime Minister Lobsang Sangey of the exiled Tibetan government has presented his side.

According to Lobsang Sangey, China wants to control 5 fingers (Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan) and has been carrying out various nefarious activities in these places for the last 16 years. Now China has increased its activity in Ladakh. Currently, there is international pressure on China because of Wuhan, as every country is blaming China for the Koro epidemic. 130 countries around the world have asked the WHO to investigate where the corona came from but we know that the corona came from China.

“The Chinese government talked of building a road in the name of development and prosperity in Tibet and started driving armed trucks on those roads,” Sange said. That road leads to the Indian border. The infiltration will continue until the Tibet issue is resolved. Such issues will continue to come up unless there is internal or international pressure on the Chinese government. This will continue till the border is turned back from India-China to Indo-Tibet. If China thinks that Tibet will support it, it is wrong.

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According to Lobsang, a five-point agreement was reached in 1954 on peaceful relations between India and China. Under the agreement, India accepted Chinese rule in Tibet, but tensions between the two countries escalated after the Dalai Lama took refuge in India in 1959, leading to the Sino-Indian war. In these circumstances, India needs to learn from the past and it is not right to trust China.

On the issue of the boycott of Chinese goods, Lobsang said that amid increasing tensions, every Indian citizen has to decide whether national security is important or whether to buy Chinese products. It can start with celebrities who do not support Chinese products and stop celebrities who are branding Chinese products. Further stated that you can control any type of business from any country.

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