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Compared to the US, Germany is at four million and much talked about South Korea is about three million tests, he said on Friday

US President Donald Trump has said that nations like India and China would have substantially more coronavirus cases than America on the off chance that they direct more tests.

Trump, in his comments at Puritan Medical Products in Maine, said that the US has done 20 million tests.

Contrasted with the US, Germany is at 4,000,000 and much-discussed South Korea is around 3,000,000 tests, he said on Friday.

As indicated by Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, the US has revealed almost 1.9 million cases and more than 1,09,000 passings while the complete number of coronavirus cases in India and China remain at 2,36,184 and 84,177 individually.

India has so far led more than 4 million coronavirus tests, as indicated by the wellbeing service.

Remarking on the Covid-19 tests in the US, Trump stated: “We will be well more than 20 million tests. Recall this, when you test more, you have more cases.

“I state to my kin each time we test; you discover cases since we accomplish all the more testing. In the event that we have more cases, on the off chance that we needed to do testing in China or in India or different spots, I guarantee you there would be more cases… you are making an incredible showing in getting out the swabs”.

Puritan is one of the main makers on the planet delivering the top-notch clinical swabs that are urgent for quick testing.

“Also, every swab you make at Puritan is gladly stepped with the delightful expression made in the USA.

“Because of the testing limit that you are making conceivable, our nation is reviving and our economy is recuperating like no one would’ve thought conceivable,” he said.

Alluding to the most recent month to month business numbers, Trump said that the economy is currently in the groove again.

“We totally broke desires, and this is the biggest month to month employments increment in American history, think about that; that is quite a while.

“I believe it’s more than twofold or about twofold of what our most noteworthy was previously so this is the biggest month to month work increment in American history. What’s more, we will have a marvelous one year from now. We will have an enormous couple of months before the political race on November 3 incredibly, a significant date,” the president said.

Looking for re-appointment for his second successive term, Trump is set in opposition to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on November 3 presidential decisions. A large portion of the assessments of public sentiment shows that Biden is a few focuses in front of Trump.

“It will be a significant political race in light of the fact that the main thing that can spoil it is in the event that you misunderstand the president and they raise your expenses, and they open up your fringes with the goal that everyone immerses our nation,” Trump said.

Emphasizing that he has fabricated a solid economy over the most recent three years, Trump pledged to bring the economy in the groove again, which has been gravely hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Depicting the battle against coronavirus as the best national and modern assembly since the World War II, Trump said that his organization has marshaled the full intensity of the US government and US industry to vanquish the undetectable foe.

“It is to be sure an adversary. It originated from China, ought to have been halted in China. They didn’t do that,” he claimed.

The organization, he stated, has conveyed over 1.5 billion bits of individual defensive hardware to specialists and medical attendants on the forefronts. “We sliced the formality to accelerate the improvement of immunizations. What’s more, antibodies are tagging along fantastically well, hold up till you see, and therapeutics. What’s more, we joined forces at private division pioneers, for example, Puritan to assemble the biggest and most exceptional testing limit on the essence of the earth, similar to this one,” he said.

The Puritan industrial facility in Maine, he stated, immediately increase the creation to deliver about 20 million froth tipped swabs every month.

“At that point in April, my organization summoned the Defense Production Act to assist you with scaling up much more. Under a USD 75 million open private organization, Puritan will before long twofold creation to 40 million swabs for each month,” Trump included.

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