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When it involves weight loss, one is normally suggested to stick to a strict eating regimen with sure dos and don’ts with respect to what you eat.

You could have usually been informed to skip rice or cut back its consumption for reducing weight. But nutritionist Kinita Kadakia Patel, who has been advising celebs like Shweta Tiwari, launched us to a type of rice that may truly hold your weight in test.

In an Instagram video, Patel talked about how this rice advantages weight watchers and diabetics. This is known as shirataki rice. This is constituted of glucomannan, a kind of fibre, also referred to as konjac flour. This comes from the foundation of the konjac plant, normally grown in Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

Glucomannan is understood to induce weight reduction, as a number of research have proven. Shirataki rice has a really low glycemic index and really low energy, Patel mentioned, which is nice for diabetes and weight reduction. “This is something you must try and include in your diet,” she added.

However, the “excessive soluble fibre” in shirataki could trigger uncomfortable side effects like bloating and discomfort, Patel defined. In such a case, one ought to discontinue consuming it.

You may have shirataki within the type of noodles.

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