Activist is not a dirty word Mark Ruffalo
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Speaking at Dickinson College, actor Mark Ruffalo urged the scholars to be excited about activism as a result of being an activist shouldn’t be a foul factor. “I’m here to tell you that activist is not a dirty word. And I’m here to tell your parents that, as well,” he stated, including, “I didn’t expect to be an activist — I sort of stumbled upon it because, in the words of Larry Kramer, one of the AIDS activists and a mentor of mine, you have to fight for what you love.”

“And you guys, in particular, are facing a lot of fights,” the actor stated of the youthful technology. “There’s really no chance of ducking it or not having to deal with it. And I’m thrilled to be here you young people today who have so much knowledge and so much ability to communicate on such a grand level and a global level.”

“And so I’m asking each of you, at some point, to act up — be misbehaved. Buck the system. Fight for what you believe in. This is the time to do it. You’re the ones to do it. Your world, like no other generation, you actually get to create the world that you can imagine,” he stated in conclusion. His parting phrases had been: “don’t be afraid of anything.”


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