Art attack Israeli ex sniper blasts paint in mental health message
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Former Israeli military sniper David Roytman has turned his hand to motion portray, utilizing weapons and live-fire ranges as a substitute of brushes and studios to blast colors onto canvases.

In Israel, Roytman makes use of a pistol to shoot baggage full of paint, which then splatter onto a wood-board canvas, creating the art work. In his native Ukraine, he creates work in an identical manner through the use of the cannon of a World War Two-era tank.

Roytman, 42, describes the strategy as a solution to exorcise troublesome reminiscences from his fight service.

“This is my healing by art. When I’m shooting – not on people, not in a war, not during the military service – I’m doing this for my, let’s say, fun, for my way to say something to the world,” he advised Reuters.

“It makes me feel at peace.”

Amidst the ensuing splashes and holes, he intersperses letters in Hebrew, English and Russian, seemingly at random – an invite on the viewer to kind phrases. Twenty of the weird works have offered at between $5,000 and $10,000 apiece, stated Roytman, who additionally designs high-end Judaica.

The artwork’s message is that “everybody needs to think, when they are sending their boys to fight, to protect their country – they need to remember that when they come back they need support,” Roytman stated, alluding to veterans’ psychological well being.


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