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Written by Ruth La Ferla

Billie Eilish desires you to know she is in cost, brash and confident sufficient to scrap the raffish picture that helped garner her a world of followers in favor of one thing a little bit extra … grownup.

She vamps this month on the duvet of British Vogue, a portrait of artfully crafted provocation. The singer as soon as recognized by her shock of inexperienced hair has gone blonde and full bombshell, swapping her trademark sweats for a mode extra domme than deb: pink Gucci corset and skirt over Agent Provocateur skivvies, accessorized with latex gloves and leggings.

The alternative was her personal, Edward Enninful, the journal’s editor-in-chief, wrote within the June situation.

“What if, she wondered, she wanted to show more of her body for the first time in a fashion story?” Enninful recalled. “What if she wanted to play with corsetry and revel in the aesthetic of the mid-20th century pinups she’s always loved? It was time, she said, for something new.”

To that finish, Eilish embraced the shopworn trimmings of feminine attract, providing the digicam, with out obvious irony, a nod to the sirens of golden age Hollywood and a few of more moderen classic: Taylor Swift, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion amongst them.

And she is proudly owning her look. An icon of physique positivity who as soon as cloaked her curves below neon tone observe fits and hoodies, she seems to be finished with all that.

“My thing is that I can do whatever I want,” she advised journalist Laura Snapes, occurring to disarm would-be haters with a preemptive strike.

“Suddenly you’re a hypocrite if you want to show your skin, and you’re easy and you’re a slut,” Eilish mentioned within the interview. “Let’s turn it around and be empowered in that. Showing your body and showing your skin — or not — should not take any respect away from you.”


“Her pushback has been her agency in this,” mentioned Lucie Greene, a development forecaster and model advisor. “After all, like many of her Gen Z peers, Eilish has a sophisticated understanding of visual language and representation. She’s built a following for confidently subverting beauty codes. And she’s applying the same confidence to this.”

Still, some could effectively query her company, asking if, at 19, Eilish has the sense or sagacity to climate the attainable fallout. Consider Tavi Gevinson, the style blogger turned author and actress as soon as identified for her cumbersome layers and granny glasses. Writing in The Cut not too long ago, Gevinson described doing a photograph shoot at 18. Prompted to pose on her mattress, she wearing a skimpy romper, “pouting,” she recalled, “with heavily lined eyes and straightened blonde hair.” Sure, she was desirous to sass up her picture. And, she wrote, “if anyone who was there told me the whole setup was my idea, I would believe them.”

Eilish appears equally inclined to current her metamorphosis as a shrewdly brazen, self-determined replace. Some followers are cheering.

“She looks just as awesome now as she did in oversized clothing,” Karin Ann Trabelssie, a 19-year-old pupil from Jelina, in Slovakia, mentioned through textual content.

Like Eilish, she as soon as evaded scrutiny, hiding a body she described as curvy below saggy shirts and trousers. Exultant at her idol’s new picture, she wrote, “I very rarely see anyone with a similar body type to me do something like this. It’s empowering.”

Others really feel betrayed. “Before: unique, different, a class of her own,” Stewin @jetztissesraus posted, on Twitter. “After: mainstream, exchangeable, slick and polished. Why?”

That query was sure to come up. In an earlier part of her profession, Eilish might declare the excellence of being a one-off. A stylist, she insisted, had no place in her life.

“I could easily just be like, you know what, you’re going to pick out my clothes, someone else will come up with my video treatments, someone else will direct them and I won’t have anything to do with them,” she mentioned in a profile in The New York Times. “But I’m not that kind of person and I’m not that kind of artist.”

Yet for Vogue, she positioned her belief and vaunted picture totally in a workforce, one which, because it occurs, was led by Dena Giannini, the journal’s fashion director, with enter from prime rung designers together with Alessandro Michele of Gucci. Her transformation would appear to counsel that Eilish is content material today to desert her previously maverick stance in favor of a fetish-tinctured bombshell look that appeared hackneyed when Madonna was a woman. If her reinvention poses a threat, it’s that of turning into simply one other cliché.

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