Bringing about change cannot just be the responsibility of those
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Speaking on the United Nations on the event of International Women’s Day in 2017, actor Anne Hathaway pressured the necessity for equality, which additionally consists of giving parental go away to share duties. “Maternity go away, or any office coverage primarily based on gender, can — at this second in historical past — solely ever be a gilded cage.

Though it was created to make life simpler for girls, we now understand it creates a notion of girls as being inconvenient to the office. We now understand it chains males to an emotionally restricted path. And it can’t serve the fact of a world in which there’s a couple of sort of household. Because within the trendy world, some households have two daddies. How precisely does maternity go away serve them?” she requested.

“Today, on International Women’s Day, I would like to thank all those who went before in creating our current policies—let us honour them and build upon what they started by shifting our language- and therefore our consciousness — away from gender and towards opportunity. Let us honour our own parents’ sacrifice by creating a path for a fairer, farther-reaching truth to define all our lives, especially the lives of our children,” she continued.

She additional mentioned, “Bringing about change cannot just be the responsibility of those who need it most; we must have the support of those at the highest levels of power if we are ever to achieve parity.”


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