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When you’re chopping onions, a burning sensation in your eyes with tears rolling down the cheeks is inevitable. But there’s a hack you should utilize to forestall this.

Chef Saransh Goila shared a easy trick to forestall these tears whereas chopping onions. Here’s what he urged:

*Peel the onions and maintain them within the freezer for 10 minutes or within the fridge for 30 minutes.
*Take the onions out. Do not chop the basis finish. Slice or chop round it and discard the basis.

“We chop about 100kgs a day and this does the trick and yes you can also soak in cold water before chopping, that also works. I prefer the freezer though,” the chef wrote.

“No hack is foolproof but I feel this is closest to being successful in making sure you don’t cry a lot!” he added.

Next time you chop onions, how about attempting this?


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