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Continuing the discourse round LGBTQ neighborhood and the acceptance of its members, the Lego Group has unveiled ‘Everyone is Awesome’, its first-ever LGBTQ-themed set, forward of its launch through the upcoming Pride Month in June.

In a tweet, they shared a couple of photos of the brand new set and wrote: “We’re super excited to reveal our new set – LEGO Everyone is Awesome! Because we celebrate every LEGO builder. #LEGO #EveryoneIsAwesome”

As is known, the long-lasting rainbow flag is used as a logo of affection and acceptance by the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood, and as such, the set — which hits the Lego on-line retailer June 1 — consists of 11 monochrome figures, every with its personal coiffure and a definite color of the rainbow.

In an official assertion accessible on the corporate’s web site, set designer Matthew Ashton, vp design stated: “I wanted to create a model that symbolises inclusivity and celebrates everyone, no matter how they identify or who they love. Everyone is unique, and with a little more love, acceptance and understanding in the world, we can all feel more free to be our true AWESOME selves! This model shows that we care, and that we truly believe ‘Everyone is awesome’!”

The 346-piece mannequin stands 10.24 cm tall with a depth of 12.80 cm — an ideal match for many cabinets or window sills. It might be accessible by LEGO.com and LEGO branded shops.

Ashton additional stated the set is a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood throughout the LEGO Group, and among the many model’s grownup followers. “I am fortunate to be a part of a proud, supportive and passionate community of colleagues and fans. We share love for creativity and self-expression through LEGO bricks and this set is a way to show my gratitude for all the love and inspiration that is constantly shared.”

Additionally, in a write-up titled ‘Why I designed “Everyone is Awesome” by Matthew Ashton‘ — accessible on the web site — he shared that the “starting point for this” was “my feeling that we, as a society, could be doing more to show support for each other and appreciate our differences. Being LGBTQIA+ myself, I knew I needed to step up to the plate and make a real statement about love and inclusivity…”

“Children are our position fashions and so they welcome everybody, irrespective of their background. Something we should always all be aspiring to.

“Representation is so essential. I grew up within the 80s and was clearly a homosexual child. There was a variety of negativity again then round being homosexual; it was proper in the midst of the AIDS disaster once I was a younger teen and that was extremely daunting and scary.

“Being quite an effeminate kid, I was constantly told by different adults around me what I should and shouldn’t play with, that I needed to behave like a ‘real boy’ and to toughen up. I was dissuaded from doing the things that came most naturally to me. I think many of the adults around me were doing all of this to try to protect me from getting bullied, but I was actually fine with all the kids at school. All of that has had an impact on me in many ways; it was really exhausting and kicked my confidence.”

“So, I think by taking small steps and having products like ‘Everyone is Awesome’ out there and people representing the LGBTQIA+ community, it allows everybody to see that things do get better over time and there is a place for everybody,” he wrote.

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