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In a invoice launched in California just lately by Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, non-consensual removing of a condom throughout sexual activity has been deemed sexual battery.

California’s Civil Code characterises sexual battery as somebody whose actions are meant in the direction of inflicting dangerous or offensive contact with an intimate physique a part of one other, committing a sexually offensive act, in line with Los Angeles Times. The perpetrator is then answerable for damages.

The invoice launched the phrase “stealthing” for the practise, however at present there aren’t any civil or penal codes within the US state that decision it a criminal offense.

Many folks on social media, together with victims who’ve personally skilled it, appreciated the transfer. Take a take a look at what they stated:

Some different folks, nevertheless, didn’t appear to be in favour of the federal government interfering “in the bedroom”.

“Am old enough to remember when ‘progressives’ wanted government ‘out of the bedroom.’Now: “California could become first state to make it illegal to remove a condom without consent.” Progressives are simply insane,” one wrote.

Here’s what others stated:

What is your opinion?

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