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What does it take to make a wedding final? Is lifelong dedication sufficient? Or are profitable marriages based mostly on embracing one another’s variations and loving your accomplice due to them, and never regardless of them.

The story of Anuja Chauhan’s marriage with Niret Alva is about “love, respect and tolerance”. The creator shared her marriage story with India Love Project, stating that whereas she is a “dal-roti-sabzi eating cow-belt Rajput”, Alva is a “Mangalorean who loves fried fish-onion-vinegar-rice”.

In a protracted publish detailing their relationship, the creator of ‘The Zoya Factor‘ wrote: “Sunday for me is sleeping late. For him it’s getting up early, and going to church. I’m good at math. He’s good at history. He loves country music. I prefer heavy metal. He’s maniacal about fitness. I’m uh..not.”

She additionally shared that whereas “falling in love is super easy”, “staying together (for almost 27 years now) is not”.

“That’s true for every marriage — not just the so-called ‘mixed’ ones. Because marriages are always mixed. It’s never really your religions that are an issue — but rather, your values, your priorities, your moral compass, your parenting philosophy, your stand on political and gender issues, whether you want the AC on or off at night…” the creator shared.

Founded by Priya Ramani, Samar Halarnkar and Niloufer Venkatraman, India Love Project is a platform that celebrates “love and marriage outside the shackles of faith, caste, ethnicity and gender”. As such, Chauhan touched upon the significance of religion, and wrote that “many of these [aforementioned differences] are often a factor of one’s faith — but all faiths have a lot of common ground and that is what we focus on”.

“Being there for each other. Passing the kids like batons during a relay race in those early years when career and babies are both on a rapid growth spurt. Being each other’s loyal cheerleader, as well as brutal critic.”

The creator concluded saying, “At the end of the day, the essential ingredients for a marriage-that-works are the same as the essential ingredients for a country-that-works. Love. Respect. And Tolerance.”

The publish comprised three footage of the couple, sharing their area and completely satisfied moments with one another.

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