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Nuts and seeds are extremely really helpful for higher pores and skin and general well being. But do you know that consuming antioxidant-rich nuts commonly may assist relieve a variety of well being points — from joint pains to dry cough?

As per Ayurveda, one such nut that’s extraordinarily useful is the walnut. The better part is that it may be consumed in quite a few methods.

Sharing extra, ayurvedic practitioner Shyam VL described some cures that one can comply with.

*Roasted walnut is consumed commonly to enhance the bodily energy of the physique and can be utilized in sufferers affected by sickness and or weak spot of the muscle tissue.

*Add powdered and seived walnut with milk to attain a paste consistency. Apply on the face and depart it on for 10 minutes. This enhances the pores and skin and leaves a glowing shine on the face.

*Decoction ready from the bark of the walnut tree is used for gargling and to deal with gingivitis and different dental points.

*Sautee walnut in oil and add powdered sugar, to style. This combination will be taken a few instances a day to pacify a dry cough.

*Dried walnut bark will be powdered and combined with a pinch of clove and used as a tooth powder.

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