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The Golden Globes is a prestigious award ceremony which is considered by thousands and thousands world wide. As such, it’s being praised this yr for showcasing a breastfeeding business that “normalises the very very normal act of breastfeeding”.

According to a report in The Independent, through the digital occasion for the 78th ceremony, Frida Mom aired a ‘Stream of Lactation’ business underlining the realities of recent motherhood and breastfeeding. In it, three new moms wrestle with feeding their crying infants, questioning if they’re doing it the precise means, if their infants are latching effectively, if they’re even good moms for not doing it correctly, if they need to be calling up specialists, and why they really feel so drained on a regular basis.

While in addition they respect the bonding time shared with their infants, they worry if they’re producing sufficient milk. The business then ends with the phrases, “Care for your breasts. Not just your baby.”

Per the report, Frida Mom CEO Chelsea Hirschhorn has stated: “The reality is that women are blindsided by the physicality of breastfeeding — raw nipples, uterine contractions, painful clogs no one tells you that it can be as painful as your vaginal recovery. It’s all part of the postpartum physical experience — but it never gets any air time because the end supposedly justifies the means. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.”

The business was naturally praised, and after it was aired, folks took to social media to throw their phrases of appreciation:

What do you suppose?

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