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A variety of us swear by our grandma’s suggestions on the subject of caring for our skin, nails, and hair. Usually comprising of generally obtainable elements at house, these pure cures resolve many seasonal points whereas additionally being long-lasting.

If you wish to attempt a few of these, dietitian Lavleen Kaur shares some easy magnificence hacks which have labored earlier than and proceed to reap outcomes even in the present day supplied one is common with them.

Bajra roti or pearl millet chapati

“Best for dry skin in winters. Rich in zinc, it repairs skin cells and the iron content gives you red cheeks. The trick is to make it soft,” she mentioned.


*Boil 1 cup water with a pinch of salt
*Add 1 cup bajra flour to boiling water at low flame
*Cover it for a minute, after which change off the flame (don’t stir)
*Cool it for 5 minutes and add 1 tsp turmeric, black pepper, and mango powder (amchur) every
*Make a dough after which roll a gentle roti

“Turmeric, curcumin and black pepper (piperine) are anti-inflammatory, and works wonders for the skin,” she added.

Sweet potato chaat

“Rich in soluble fiber and vitamin A, the chaat helps stop wrinkles. Add water chestnut (singhaare) to double the advantages. It offers you added vitamin B6 which helps with crack-free pores and skin.

Jaggery-dry ginger ladoos

Also referred to as gur-sonth ladoos, they’re wealthy in iron and good for digestion. “Good gut health equates to low toxicity and you get clear and acne-free skin,” advised Kaur.

Rice kanji and crimson carrot kanji

Probiotic drinks assist promote good gut health which provides glowing pores and skin, mentioned Kaur.

Rice kanji recipe


Cooked white rice


*Take about 2 tbsp of cooked white rice
*Put it in a mud, clay, or metal bowl and pour water on it to cowl. Leave it in a single day in a cool dry space (don’t refrigerate)
*The subsequent morning, eat the rice and drink the water collectively

Red kanji recipe


eight cups – Water
1¼ tbsp – Mustard (rai) powder
1½ tsp – Salt
½ tsp – Black salt (kala namak) (optionally available)
Pinch of asafetida (hing) (optionally available)
½ tsp – Red chilli powder
½ kg – Beetroot/Carrot slices (or each)


*Boil eight cups of water. When the water boils, take away the pan from fireplace and let it cool.
*In a pitcher or jar with a lid, add all of the elements within the water and blend nicely.
*Add carrots/beetroot
*Keep the pitcher within the solar for 2-Four days, make certain to stir it a few times every day.
*After 2-Four days when it turns bitter, it may be saved within the fridge and used as required.
*Serve chilled. Carrots and beetroots will be eaten.
*Kanji stays contemporary for as much as two weeks in fridge.

White butter

Include vitamin A-rich meals in your eating regimen. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

White butter helps with the absorption of fat-soluble nutritional vitamins (A,D,E,Ok). It is a good treatment for cracked lips and nails.

Recipe: Churn cream after which separate the butter.

Stale or baasi roti


*1 jowar/ragi roti or 1 serving rice saved in a single day
*In the morning, combine it with milk and 1 tsp ghee or curd and jaggery

“This prevents constipation and maintains water balance. Try this for blemishes,” advised Kaur.

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