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Everyone loves an efficient pure mix of their skincare routine. Gotu kola offers main advantages to your pores and skin. This pure ingredient has been used for hundreds of years to relax irritation and varicose veins.

Harshvardhan Modi, the founding father of Inveda and Vedicline says: “Gotu kola is historically utilized in therapeutic wounds, lowering anxiousness, pores and skin illnesses; however it’s a gem in relation to treating the pores and skin.”

Also often known as Centella Asiatica, it’s primarily present in sunscreen or scar-fading merchandise. 

Reasons for including it to your skincare routine

When you need your pores and skin to revive its elasticity and firmness, there needs to be collagen manufacturing. Gotu kola is nice for exciting collagen. Not solely that, it additionally protects your pores and skin from free radicals and UV rays. “Gotu kola helps in boosting the collagen, forestalling the presence of wrinkles, pigmentation and different ageing points. It is even accepted to be proficient in battling cellulite due to its firming properties,” Modi explains.

While it’s wonderful for therapeutic wounds, Modi provides it additionally helps deal with “flaky pores and skin illness and psoriasis”. “The medicinal plant is enriched with flavonoids which accelerate wound healing and calms down inflammation.”

Not solely that, it additionally helps in lightening and brightening darkish circles whereas lowering puffiness. “It has the capability to get absorbed into your skin deeply and thus offers rejuvenating benefits to the same,” Modi says.

When must you use gotu kola?

“Unlike different components resembling Vitamin C or retinol, there is no such thing as a specific time to make use of it. Whenever your pores and skin is feeling oily, uninteresting, or drained, simply add gotu kola to your routine.”

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