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We Care...!!!

A younger 20-year-old YouTuber explains how you will need to rise above the expectations of the society to achieve success. She explains her journey from being a median scholar to one in all YouTube’s Creators of Change.

“We have been told that winning is the only way to live, because of which we don’t know how to deal with failure and it leads to people taking drastic steps. Nobody cares about your dreams and goals unless it is in line with what society deems fit. You are either an engineer, doctor, lawyer or a disappointment.”

“We are too scared to live our own dreams because we are too busy following someone else’s. It is okay to not have a plan. It is okay to do something you love without having a plan B because you only have a plan B when you expect your plan A to fail,” says the comedienne throughout her TEDx speak.

“I used to hate school. It used to terrify me. I am not the only one who felt this way. Why do we hate the whole process of education? There is so much pressure to perform better than the rest that we almost feel like we can’t dream. I have been taught that everything is competition and winning is the only way to survive.”

“I believe in myself. What we lack is the belief and the confidence in ourselves. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would anybody else believe in you?”

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