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US Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece Meena Harris not too long ago took to Twitter to share her ideas on one thing that might resonate with many ladies.

Meena expressed how a lot she hated sporting a bra. Calling it a “monster”, she wrote on Twitter, “I hate bras so much now I don’t care if I have 5 mins between zooms I am taking that monster off.”

And as anticipated, many ladies responded to her tweet whereas sharing their very own frustrations.

“I wore my underwire bra for the first time in months when I first went back to work and I vowed to never wear another one. I’m sports bra girl now. I hate them,” a social media consumer wrote.

“I’ve decided I’m just going to wear what men wead- undershirt and regular shirt. I can see their nipples all the time, it’s about time they get over mine. We’re all mammals,” one other wrote.

A Twitter consumer mentioned she skipped sporting bra even throughout on-line conferences. “No bra required for zoom. It’s in the rule book. Just reframe your image. I have 3-5 zooms per day haven’t worn a bra for a year. Don’t know how my body will act when I have to go back to campus.”

Some additionally mentioned they averted sporting a bra all through the pandemic whereas being at dwelling.

Take a have a look at what among the others needed to say:

Do you are feeling the identical about bras?


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