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On August four, 2020, a chemical explosion rocked Lebanon’s capital Beirut resulting in 200 deaths and 6,000 individuals being injured. Six months later, a Lebanese designer — Nada Ghazal — tried to distill the power of the town by means of her creations.

The blast had destroyed her workshops, however her staff managed to stay secure. In an interview with Jewelry Connoisseur by Rapaport, the designer shared that her newest assortment has been impressed by the resilience of her individuals. “This collection couldn’t be more relevant to what [the Lebanese people] are going through right now. The designs stand tall and rise upwards to flourish out of the difficulties,” her consultant at Valery Demure was quoted as saying.

The centerpiece of the gathering is the Fuse Rock Ring, an 18kt gold ring, whose design was influenced by the designer’s reminiscence of the blast all the way down to the champagne diamonds which, a report in Forbes states is “reminiscent of the dust clouds she saw after the explosion.”

“I created Fuse Rock a few months back while Lebanon was, as it still is, going through one of its toughest times. I wanted to feel strong, to be defiant, to stand up despite it all. I needed to garner my strength and visualize it in this sketch which then became our Fuse Rock Ring,” she wrote on Instagram.


Things, nevertheless, haven’t unfolded the best way she anticipated. The ring immediately raised the ire of individuals on social media who went on to accuse the designer of taking advantage of a tragedy. It have to be famous that the ring has been priced at USD7285 (roughly Rs 5,30,000).

Here are among the reactions:


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