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Hannah Gadsby, the 43-year-old comic, is married. She took to Instagram to share the information along with her followers and introduce her associate Jenney Shamash. The publish consisted of an lovely image of the couple consuming ice-creams.

“I would like to introduce all y’all to Jenney Shamash. She is a producer extraordinaire. She is very funny and is really talented at reciting facts. It is a joy to behold. We got married in January and we are very chuffed about it. For the record: this is me gushing. I am full of very positive feelings. This is a nice story. My heart felt thanks to everybody who voted for marriage equality. #married #really? #yeahtotally,” she wrote.

Gadsby additionally shared a video the place she might be seen listening to a voice message. We can solely guess the sender.


The Australian comic earned acclaim and appreciation along with her 2018 present Nanette. She adopted this with Douglas. She identifies as queer and in April this 12 months she wrote a protracted, impassioned speech on tailoring herself as per the way in which she needs to view herself.

“It has been an unfortunate fact my entire life that the way I look makes many people angry and compels even more people to openly mock and deride my appearance. When I was a young woman this wounded me greatly, and I assumed the pain I felt would be a permanent fixture of my life. But with age and other unfolding maturations, I am now able to comfortably live in the chosen comfort cocoon I call my clothes. I would highly recommend you try it yourself, or at the very least allow others to wear whatever the hell they want for whatever reasons they choose. Even the rich men who think they’re interesting,” she wrote in conclusion.

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