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Actor Camilla Luddington, who gave start to son Lucas in August 2020, recalled her expertise of childbirth whereas sporting a masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Yes, it’s a different experience. I had to labour in a mask, which was, like, the biggest thing. So it was over 15 hours wearing a mask,” stated Luddington in response to Kelly Clarkson throughout a latest interview.

When Clarkson joked, “I would have ripped that thing off and been like, ‘Get over it!’ That would have been really hard. I can’t imagine that”, the Grey’s Anatomy actor, who additionally shares Four-year-old daughter Hayden together with her husband Matthew Alan, stated, “It is claustrophobic”.

“And obviously, you know, giving birth is very physical and traumatic, but hopefully I won’t ever have to do that again,” she stated of sporting the face overlaying.

“I didn’t really feel like ripping it off however I used to be grateful they allowed us to take away them for a short while to seize some after-birth footage with out the masks on,” the 37-year-old added.

It additionally “never occurred” to Luddington that she’d “have to wear a mask in labour — it just wasn’t something I had thought about and when I found out I would have to, I cried,” she had instructed PEOPLE in August 2020. “I completely understood the importance of wearing one, I just dreaded it. Labour is so physically exhausting I couldn’t imagine adding a mask.”

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