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Priyanka Chopra Jonas is arising along with her new ebook, Unfinished. Being a memoir, it addresses a number of matters which she has not spoken about up to now, and one such is her remorse of selling skin-whitening cream.

In a current interview with Marie Claire, she expressed this guilt whereas additionally revealing the rationale for doing so.

“[Skin lightening] was so normalised in South Asia; it’s such a large industry that everyone was doing it. In fact, doing it is still a check [mark] when you are a female actor, but it’s awful. And it was awful for me, for a little girl who used to put talcum-powder cream on my face because I believed that dark skin was not pretty.”

In the previous, too, the actor has spoken brazenly about it. But on this interview, she additionally shared the course correction she is engaged on: launching her personal sustainable magnificence model, Anomaly.

Without divulging a lot, she mentioned that the road, in line with its identify, will search to acknowledge and improve a number of magnificence sorts — the anomalies — with out clubbing all of them collectively. “I’m an anomaly, and everyone else is in their own way,” she was quoted as saying within the interview.

She additionally spoke about how cathartic writing the ebook was for her. “I call it the in-between-interviews book. I’ve been in so many interviews in my life, but nobody knows what happened in between them,” she mentioned.


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