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Menopause is a pure course of that begins on the common age of 50 years. “Menopause marks the top of the menstrual cycle. It occurs when the ovaries cease producing eggs and releasing hormones. Menopause is alleged to have occurred when there was no menstruation for one yr. It can be known as the change,” stated Dr Vaishali Joshi, senior obstetrician and gynaecologist, Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, Mumbai.

There are three phases of menopause

Peri-menopause – Perimenopause means “around menopause”. It is the menopausal transition, or the time main as much as your final interval. It can begin 5-10 years earlier than menopause

Menopause- When a lady has gone 12 months in a row and not using a interval, it’s identified as menopause.

Post-menopause – This is the length that begins one yr after the final menstrual interval


Natural getting older – This is because of a decline in ovarian operate and ovarian hormones

Forced menopause – This can occur when ovaries are eliminated surgically or get broken after chemo or radiotherapy therapies.

Premature menopause – It could outcome from the failure of ovaries to provide regular ranges of hormones (major ovarian insufficiency), which could be because of faulty genes or autoimmune illnesses. It can occur in a single per cent of girls.


Hot flushes, night time sweats, vaginal dryness, low temper and/nervousness/irritability, joint and muscle ache, lack of curiosity in having intercourse, interval irregularities, and weight achieve

“Every lady experiences these signs in various severity, beginning normally Four-5 years earlier than menopause and have alternative ways to deal with them. There is not any dependable approach of predicting how lengthy menopausal symptoms will proceed. For many ladies they resolve inside three years,” defined Dr Joshi.

When a lady has gone 12 months in a row and not using a interval, it’s identified as menopause. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)


If a lady has signs of menopause and is over 45 years of age, then remedy choices are provided primarily based on signs.

In untimely menopause, one could have to verify for prime ranges of FSH or Follicle-stimulating hormone, as it’s useful to distinguish between menopause and different causes of extended skipping of durations. The finest time to measure FSH is on day 2 or three of menstruation if the lady continues to be biking.


One can nonetheless get pregnant until one reaches post-menopause. So it’s essential to proceed utilizing contraception like condoms throughout intercourse to keep away from unplanned pregnancies and follow protected intercourse.


Every lady who undergoes menopause doesn’t want remedy. When the peri or menopausal signs have an effect on the standard of life due to sleeplessness or osteoporosis, irritability, temper adjustments, or have an effect on intercourse life because of lack of libido, girls ought to search medical assist. It’s essential for the lady and her household to know these pure processes and acknowledge them. Having this perception into their drawback can assist them come to phrases with the signs and reassure them that these are momentary points they usually can deal with them higher.

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