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Love thrives on hope. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, learnt this in essentially the most heartwarming approach. She took to Instagram to share a narrative for the ages, wherein she shared how she discovered love after loss.

In a protracted submit, Sandberg wrote that after shedding her husband in 2015 her world collapsed and he or she was uncertain about feeling like that for anybody ever once more: “I really wasn’t sure I could ever devote my heart to another person like that.” She wrote about it extensively within the 2017 guide Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy, detailing the ache of shedding out on Option A (which means what one actually needs) after which pursuing Option B with all their hearts.

Destiny too had a plan B for her. After being devastated by her companion’s demise, she was launched to advertising and marketing CEO Tom Bernthal by Dave’s brother, Rob Goldberg. Both damaged by loss (Bernthal is a divorcee), discovered shelter and solace in one another. After getting engaged to him in February 2020, she has penned a heartfelt letter to him

She wrote about their first “real” date — once they took a hike and he held her water bottle the entire time. “You insisted on holding my water bottle the entire time. It was a small thing, but it really struck me,” she wrote, including, “But the truth is, I don’t think anyone had ever held my water bottle before for an entire hike. It felt like a metaphor: I didn’t need someone to pull me up the mountain, just someone to make the uphill trek a bit easier.”

“I’d soon come to discover in much bigger ways your remarkable generosity and warmth as a partner and parent. Apart from how funny, calming and insightful you are, I love how involved you are in our kids’ lives. You’re excited to pick your son and daughters up from school. You’re great at making parenting compromises (my son and daughter have you to thank for the less-strict bedtimes!). You’re ready to play Settlers of Catan for hours with the kids because, to you, it’s all about bringing everybody closer together,” she wrote within the Goodhousekeeping.

“The truth is, I was just so tired before you, Tom. Tired of my chest pulling every time my little girl or boy would say ‘Dad and me.’ Tired of making big parenting decisions alone. Tired of wondering if I’d ever find lifelong love again.”

She concluded the letter alluding to her guide and the presents of Option B. “Our story will never be Option A,” she wrote including that she’s going to all the time grieve for Dave and the truth that Bernthal understands this, makes her love him all of the extra. “I have come to discover that Option B can also be filled with profound happiness. There is so much joy to squeeze out of this new game plan. Thank you for helping me choose to see it.”


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