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Luxury style model Louis Vuitton has been receiving flak currently for promoting monogram keffiyeh stole. The stole that includes the jacquard weave approach used to create monogram patterns on its base of blended cotton, wool or silk, prices $705 (Rs 51,514.35).

The model, nevertheless, is being accused of cultural appropriation for making a garment impressed by the traditional keffiyeh, a logo of Palestinian nationalism.

Diet Prada, an Instagram style watchdog, identified in a put up, “So LVMH’s stance on politics is ‘neutral’, but they’re still making a $705 logo-emblazoned keffiyeh, which is a traditional Arab headdress that’s become a symbol of Palestinian nationalism.”

A conventional Arabian headdress, keffiyeh is a chequered material that’s often folded right into a triangle and wrapped across the head or worn across the neck. Its significance dates again to the 1936 Arab Revolt, the place Palestinian rebels used keffiyeh to cover their identification to keep away from arrest. When the British mandate authorities banned the clothes merchandise, all Palestinians began sporting it to make it more durable to determine rebels. Its prominence elevated throughout the 1960s across the time of the Palestinian resistance motion, and its adoption by Palestinian politician Yasser Arafat.

The keffiyeh additionally gained reputation as an icon of solidarity amongst activists supporting Palestinians in battle with Israel. Some soccer gamers had been not too long ago seen sporting keffiyeh on the soccer floor within the wake of the Gaza assault, whereas fashions Gigi and Bella Hadid additionally wore it at a pro-Palestinian march in Canada.

Besides accusing the style model of “cultural appropriation” netizens had been additionally fast to note the colors on the keffiyeh — blue and white — and questioned whether or not the model purposely selected the colors of Israel’s flag. A conventional Palestinian keffiyeh is black and white in color, which got here to be related to Fatah, previously Palestinian National Liberation Movement, a nationalist social-democratic political celebration. Later, the colors pink and white had been adopted by Palestinian Marxists.

Here’s what netizens mentioned:

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