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Much like every thing else, the favored televion present of the 90s and the 2000s, Sex and the City, can be planning to headline its reboot with the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. While it intends to evoke nostalgia with the return of some central characters like Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis), the brand new plot will incorporate no matter is occurring around the globe within the current day, primarily the pandemic.

According to a report within the Insider, throughout a latest interview with Vanity Fair, actor Sarah Jessica Parker revealed COVID-19 will likely be included within the HBO Max present titled ‘And Just Like That…‘, however didn’t give any particular particulars in regards to the plot.

“[COVID-19 will] obviously be part of the storyline, because that’s the city [these characters] live in,” Parker was quoted as saying, referring to the story’s setting in New York City. “And how has that changed relationships once friends disappear? I have great faith that the writers are going to examine it all.”

She added that the reboot has new writers who, she thinks, will carry new “life experience, political world views, and social world views” to the storyline. “It’s incredibly diverse in a really exciting way.”

Parker, whose character Carrie Bradshaw primarily narrates the story by her writings, additional stated in her interview that she and her co-stars “can’t wait to play their characters after the time that has passed”. While Kim Cattrall’s Samantha is not going to be reprising her position within the reboot, the opposite three ladies will likely be returning. “I think that Cynthia, Kristin, and I are all excited about the time that has passed. You know, who are they in this world now? Have they adapted? What part have they played? Where have they fallen short as women, as friends, and how are they finding their way? Did they move with momentum? Are they like some people who are confused, threatened, nervous [by what’s happening in the world]?”

The new miniseries is believed to incorporate 10 episodes of 30 minutes every.

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