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“There’s no doubt that sunscreen is essential. Not only does SPF protect against the sun’s harmful rays, but it’s also one of the best antiaging products you can buy,” writes Dr Jushya Sarin in an Instagram put up.

This is strictly why one ought to apply sunscreen not solely earlier than stepping out, but in addition when at dwelling, particularly in the course of the lockdown when most of our time is spent in entrance of digital units. That is as a result of these units emit blue mild that’s dangerous to the pores and skin.

However, as identified by Dr Sarin, with so many types out there available in the market, how do you decide the one which fits you greatest? “While all you have to do is just wear a sunscreen, physical or chemical, you might wonder what exactly these terms mean,” she added.

What are bodily sunscreens?

There are two mineral components that make up bodily sunscreens — zinc oxide and titanium dioxide — that create a movie over your pores and skin that scatters and displays UV rays away. “They are called physical sunscreens because they do not chemically react with UV rays but rather form a physical barrier between your skin and the rays,” she defined.

Physical sunscreens are additionally known as mineral sunscreens as a result of they comprise minerals equivalent to titanium and zinc. These are inorganic in nature and are much less more likely to clog your pores. Dr Sarin added that they’re secure for delicate pores and skin and likewise kids. “It works immediately upon application, does not degrade when exposed to sun, and blocks a wide range of UV rays,” she wrote.

However, one of many greatest disadvantages is it could really feel heavy and be rubbed off by sweat simply.

What are chemical sunscreens?

“Chemical sunscreens include organic compounds that create a chemical reaction and work by changing UV rays into heat, then releasing the heat from the skin,” defined the dermatologist. Thinner in consistency, they have an inclination to unfold simply on the pores and skin. This is why they’re nice to be worn day by day and could be simply layered. Dr Sarin mentioned they comprise chemical compounds equivalent to “avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, octinoxate, and salicylates.”

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