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Among the numerous skincare points, back acne is often skilled by lots of people. Blame it on the altering seasons or genetics, they will grow to be painful if not handled in time.

Here’s what it’s essential to know.

What causes again zits?

Acne or pimples are shaped resulting from extra sebum or the oil that our our bodies naturally produce within the glands linked to the hair follicles. While sebum helps add moisture to the pores and skin and hair, extra of it could possibly result in zits and pimples. Dead pores and skin cells additionally result in pimples they usually block pores and skin pores. When they’re uncovered to air, blackheads type.

According to ayurvedic practitioner Dr Aiswarya Santhosh, again acne is brought on by totally different causes together with genetics, sweat, stress, dandruff, vitiated blood, tight garments, an excessive amount of friction, Seborrheic dermatitis, hormonal imbalances throughout menstruation, and PCOD.

How are you able to stop again zits? 

*Shower after a exercise
*Wear breathable cotton garments
*Stop utilizing harsh skincare merchandise
*Mix a number of drops of tea tree oil to your moisturiser
*Wear clear garments
*Wash your hair the wrong way up
*Avoid an excessive amount of friction or stress on the again
*Change your pillow covers and mattress sheets typically

According to Dr Aiswarya, one may rely on straightforward ayurvedic treatments.

DIY pack

*Mix equal amount of neem powder and nutmeg powder with aloe vera gel and rose water
*Apply each different day

DIY tub powder


2 tbsp – Flaxseed powder
½ tbsp – Orange peel powder
½ tbsp – Nutmeg powder


*Mix all these elements and use as a physique wash powder

DIY for scars


Potato juice
Rice powder


*Mix potato juice with rice powder and apply it each different day.

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