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As the central authorities asks states to inform black fungus or mucormycosis an epidemic, an an infection known as white fungus has additionally been discovered to have an effect on some folks.

These new instances of white fungus have been present in Patna, Bihar, and this an infection is extra harmful than black fungus, Dr Arunesh Kumar, senior advisor & head respiratory drugs/pulmonology, Paras Hospital, tells indianexpress.com.

What causes white fungus?

This an infection could be brought on attributable to low immunity, says Dr Kumar, or if folks are available in contact with issues that comprise these moulds like water, and so on. “Thus sanitation is important,” he advises.

Symptoms of white fungus

“Patients of white fungus present Covid-like symptoms however take a look at unfavorable; the an infection could be recognized by way of CT-Scan or X-ray,” the physician says.

White fungus can have an effect on not simply the lungs but in addition different elements of the physique together with “nails, skin, stomach, kidney, brain, private parts and mouth”, he provides.

Why are COVID sufferers liable to white fungus?

According to the physician, COVID-19 sufferers are extra liable to white fungus because it impacts the lungs and comparable signs are created like that of coronavirus.

“Those who’ve weak immunity like diabetes, cancer sufferers, and those that are taking steroids for an extended time period should take particular care as they’re extra in danger. It can also be affecting these coronavirus sufferers who’re on oxygen assist,” he says.

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