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There is numerous skincare recommendation obtainable on the web; whether or not it’s the famed 10-step Korean routine or the essential Three-step CTM routine. But, it should be understood that every pores and skin kind is completely different, and so are its necessities. This is why it’s important to first completely perceive one’s pores and skin after which go on to construct a customized routine for it. But, if consultants are to be believed, a serum can be utilized on any pores and skin kind and makes for an efficient addition to at least one’s routine.

However, says Manjul Gupta, founder and director, Bodycraft Spa and Salon, “a serum is not a replacement for moisturiser. It contains concentrated active ingredients that target specific skin concerns. This means a serum is more powerful than a usual face cream. But, that doesn’t mean you ditch your moisturiser. Apply it over over the serum to seal the moisture into your skin.”

How is serum efficient?

“Serum is made from very small molecules, aiding it to be quickly absorbed by the skin,” she explains. By focusing on particular considerations, it will possibly work on boosting the manufacturing of collagen or just soothe delicate pores and skin and enhance the looks of wonderful strains and wrinkles.

“They have the potential to supply extra seen outcomes. For instance, a serum with vitamin C might help with points like anti-aging, pigmentation, and lightening spots, scars, and pimples.”

How to incorporate a serum in your skincare routine?

Clean your pores and skin with a cleanser, as per your pores and skin kind. Follow it up with exfoliation.

Pick a serum that addresses your pores and skin considerations. For instance, to cope with wonderful strains, go for a retinol-based serum. If you wish to even-tone your pores and skin, go for one thing with niacinamide or Vitamin C.

Those who’ve delicate pores and skin can go for a serum with Centella extracts. There are numerous choices available in the market however at all times seek the advice of your dermatologist first.

“Apply it to your face in dots and gently massage it in, rubbing the serum through your fingertips. Lastly, follow it up with a moisturiser and sunscreen,” she suggests.

“Selecting the right serum according to one’s skin type and concerns is very important as the wrong serum may not provide the desired results while damaging your skin in the process,” says Gupta.

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