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Sitting with yellow eyes, a number of bumps on his forearms from infections, and a painful story to inform. 33-year-old Shivayogiswamy’s life isn’t solely at a standstill – it’s plummeting. His outdated & retired mother and father stare upon him with utmost fear that they’ll lose their beloved son any second now. Shiva and his mother and father have suffered together with his sickness for over 15 years now and the sorrow doesn’t appear to finish. First, his kidney failed. Then his liver gave up on him, too.

Thankfully, the 33-year-old has a glimmer of hope to revive his life: a double organ transplant of his kidney and liver. Sadly, the retired mother and father can barely afford Shivayogiswamy’s medicine.

Without 2 of his most important organs, Shivayogiswamy resides on borrowed time.


“It first happened in 2005,” remembers Shivayogiswamy. “I already had a bout of extreme exhaustion and headaches. I couldn’t seem to recover from them. My friends used to make fun of me because my legs were crooked. When I went home one day, I told my parents to get me checked. Appa (father) was a teacher then, and he took me to the hospital in Haveri. They found that the creatinine levels in my body were high, and recommended that I go in for a kidney biopsy.”


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It’s a mom’s worst nightmare to study that her son’s unwell well being’s motive is kidney failure. Shivayogiswamy’s mom couldn’t consider her ears when the medical doctors revealed this. The one sole method to preserve her son alive was with dialysis: a time examined process that labored instead of his failed kidneys. “Time passed, and my son’s dreams were shattering in front of him. He had dialysis 2 times a week at first. But soon, he needed it at least 3 times a week. He somehow got past his 12th grade, and took up odd jobs he could perform without moving about too much. But…”


1614127686 202 With severe illness for 15 years and liver and kidney

Around the 12 months 2016, Shivayogiswamy’s abdomen had begun to bloat uncontrollably. His eyes too had grow to be a surprising yellow and his pores and skin had begun to alter color. At the hospital, the household have been delivered a second shock, simply as they have been adapting to his kidney illness. The younger man’s liver had failed as effectively. The solely method to save him? A kidney and liver transplant price Rs 32 lakh.

“We still cannot process this. Shivayogi has been bedridden for the past 15 years. It has been a complete nightmare. Parents normally dream of watching their children succeed in life and get married. But for us, having our son alive is the only source of happiness. Sadly… the doctor says… he has run out of time,” says a teary father.


1614127686 692 With severe illness for 15 years and liver and kidney

The poor mother and father have seen Shivayogiswamy’s life in a plummet. The solely method to save Shiva’s life is with monetary contributions for his double organ transplant (kidney and liver). Without sufficient funds to pay for the surgical procedures, Shiva’s mother and father may be watching him lose his life. After 15 years of struggling, loss of life is on the 33-year-old’s doorstep, and he can not escape it. It’s time we come collectively to avoid wasting younger Shivayogiswamy’s ailing life. Will you assist him survive and regain the life he has misplaced?


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