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A gaggle of 11 individuals, together with retired military officers, a farmer, an adventurist and Ganga activists, have launched into ‘Atuylya Ganga Parikrama’ for air pollution mapping of Ganga from Gomukh to Gangasagar.

They can even guarantee afforestation on both facet of the river and sensitise locals concerning the function they’ll play in holding Ganga clear.

The group members are Major General (retd) Vinod Bhatt, Lt Col (retd) Hem Lohumi, Col (Retd) Manoj Keshwar, Military Engineer (Retd) Gopal Sharma, farmer Hiren Patel, adventurer Indu (goes by her first title), lensman Rohit Umrao, Rohit Jat, Shagun Tyagi, and Kirti Kumar.

They began from Prayagraj on December 16 and goal to finish the method within the subsequent 250 days.

The group members stroll alongside Ganga from daybreak to nightfall and keep alongside it in the course of the evening.

Col Manoj Keshwar, member of the group, mentioned, “We walk along Ganga, planting saplings of indigenous species like Peepal, Banyan, Pakar, Neem, and Indigo along the river and appeal to the locals to take care of the plants and move forward.”

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Hiren Patel, a farmer from Gujarat, drops seed of mangoes, mahua, and indigo on the river financial institution as a part of the group’s plan to advertise inexperienced cowl on both facet of the river. The group members are additionally doing air pollution mapping of the river by recording particulars of the untreated drains vacating within the river.

Major General Bhatt, with the assistance of group members, collects samples of Ganga water from its stretches that are being polluted by the untreated drains. Equipped with a transportable air pollution testing package, the group members take a look at the samples and report the extent of Biological oxygen demand (BOD) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Ph, amongst different pollution.

The group additionally data full particulars of each drain discharging within the river by accumulating details about it from the locals.

Col Manoj Keshwar mentioned, “The group will walk to the Bay of Bengal where Ganga meets the sea. The team will walk back to Gomukh, the place of the origin of Ganga in Uttarakhand, and will return to Prayagraj where they have planned to conclude the journey.”

The Col mentioned it could take round 250 days of their journey. Team will stroll round 6,000 kilometres to finish the Parikrama of Ganga.

Col Manoj mentioned, “Along with the pollution mapping of the river Ganga, we are also planning to create an Atulya Ganga App which will have the complete information about the drains polluting river Ganga.”

He mentioned that the union ministry of water sources and tourism ministry are supporting the circumambulation.

He mentioned that together with air pollution mapping, efforts are being made for the geo-mapping of the river.


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