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Jaipur: More than 10,000 Muslim migrant workers from Bihar and West Bengal residing at Painters’ Colony in Jaipur’s Nahri ka Naka area, who have only been given dry ration packets since the nationwide lockdown was imposed on March 25, took to the streets on Sunday asking to be sent back home. 

They claimed that only around 400 packets, each containing a total of seven kilograms of flour, pulses, rice and salt, was distributed among 10,000 people last month. This, too, only came after the Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) volunteers in the area intervened. 

“We spoke to the collector several times but nobody intervened. Even the dry ration supplied to them was not adequate even for half of them,” Rahul, a CPI(ML) volunteer in the area told The Wire.Screen Shot 2020 05 12 at 10.09.38 PM

About 10-20 migrant workers live in a room at Painters’ colony in Nahri ka Naka area.

In this Muslim dominated locality of Nahri ka Naka, between 10 and 20 workers usually rent small rooms at about Rs 400 per month. Most of them are daily wage workers and since the lockdown, have run out of money. 

Protesting on the street occurred to them as the last option to compel the authorities to take notice of their condition.

Source : The Wire

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