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A low-pressure area that has formed over the Arabian Sea is likely to turn into a cyclonic storm and move towards the coasts of northern Maharashtra and southern Gujarat by June 3, Wednesday, the India Meteorological Department said on Sunday. Based on the predictions, the IMD has also issued a pre-cyclone watch alert and has forecast rainfall over the regions of India’s west coast

There’s a violent wind framing over the Arabian Sea that may come to fruition in the following not many days and head towards the banks of Maharashtra and Gujarat, the climate office said Sunday evening as it issue a “pre-typhoon watch”. The anticipated cyclonic tempest is conjecture to draw close to the northern Maharashtra and southern Gujarat drifts by Wednesday, June 3, the India Meteorological Department has said.

The climate unsettling influence is right now a ‘low weight region’ that will probably transform into a downturn by Monday before further strengthening into a cyclonic tempest by Tuesday.

Low weight zone, wretchedness, and cyclonic tempest are the initial three classes on the IMD’s eight-level order framework for violent wind. On the off chance that the present low weight framework develops into a cyclonic tempest as is being anticipated, it will be named Cyclone Nisarga; violent winds aren’t formally named until they really increase into a cyclonic tempest.

In view of these forecasts, the IMD has given a “pre-violent wind watch” alert for the shores of northern Maharashtra and southern Gujarat.

The IMD is likewise foreseeing that the climate unsettling influence will prompt precipitation over Lakshwadweep, portions of Kerala and seaside Karnataka on Monday and over Goa and the Konkan area on Tuesday. Precipitation is additionally expected over territories of beach front Maharashtra, southern Gujarat and the association region of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu by Wednesday.

The IMD has prompted anglers in the areas not to wander out to the ocean for the following not many days, cautioning that the ocean condition is probably going to be harsh to exceptionally unpleasant.


The cyclonic climate unsettling influence over the Arabian Sea is still in its early stages thus, the IMD has not made open forecasts of the normal violent wind’s way and force. What we can be sure of is that the unsettling influence is relied upon to transform into a cyclonic tempest – when it will be named Cyclone Nisarga – and show up close to the shorelines of northern Maharashtra and southern Gujarat by June 3.

We should know more on Monday when the IMD discharges its new violent wind announcement.

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