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The state government too has announced relief measures through over 16 different programs, officials said. This includes Rs 688 crore that will be spent on giving Rs 1,000 to 68.80 lakh families of laborers in the state and the Rs 45 crore that has been spent on migrants housed in shelters.

During the two months of Covid-19 lockdown, alleviation worth Rs 9,500 crore has been reached out to Gujarat by both the focal and state governments, authorities said.

“Under different plans declared by the Gujarat government, Rs 3,700 crore of help is being given over the state. The last government assistance plan to be proclaimed was the Aatmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana where the state government has consumed a noteworthy bit of the enthusiasm on little advances up to Rs 1 lakh,” Milind Torwane, Secretary (monetary undertakings), Finance Department revealed to The Indian Express.

“Furthermore, the Center has vowed a help of Rs 5800 crore, the majority of which is by and large legitimately given to recipients in the state,” Torwane included. The greater part of the alleviation that is going to the state from the Center is under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana bundle. This sum is notwithstanding the cash which is in effect legitimately spent on handling Covid-19 by the Health and Home offices in the state.

Under the PMGKY, Rs 956.28 crore has just been dispensed to 47.81 lakh ranchers as the primary portions of Rs 2,000 for the long stretch of April. The Center will spend Rs 1,182 crore for providing 5 kilograms of foodgrains (per individual) and one kilogram of heartbeats (per family) for a quarter of a year till June. This is for 68 lakh apportion cardholders in the state and the proportions for the period of April and May have just been dispensed to the recipients.

Under the Jan Dhan conspire, an aggregate of Rs 1,100 crore will be gone through more than a quarter of a year where 74 lakh ladies recipients in Gujarat will get Rs 500 in their financial balances each month.

An extra Rs 78.44 crore will be spent as ex-gratia of Rs 1000 of every two portions to 5.8 lakh old, 10,700 divyangs, and 97,437 widow recipients. Aside from this, 28 lakh ladies recipients will get free LPG chambers for a quarter of a year and 2.27 lakh self-improvement gatherings in the state will gain admittance to guarantee free advances which have been multiplied to Rs 20 lakh. The Center will be bearing the EPF commitment of mechanical units that have under 100 laborers and 90 percent of them again not as much as Rs 15,000 every month.

The state government also has reported alleviation quantifies through more than 16 distinct projects, authorities said. This incorporates Rs 688 crore that will be spent on giving Rs 1,000 to 68.80 lakh groups of workers in the state and the Rs 45 crore that has been spent on vagrants housed in covers. The state government will spend an extra Rs 425 crore in giving free foodgrains to 65.4 lakh proportion cardholders under the National Food Security Act, 61 lakh APL-1 apportion cardholders and 4.26 lakh families who don’t have proportion cards.

The state government power discoms will bring about extra consumption of Rs 450 crore after the legislature expanded the installment of power charges till May-end and chose not to gather fixed charges from business and private customers.

Aside from this, the state will likewise be giving Rs 62.60 crore in real money to the guardians of understudies under the late morning supper conspire and another Rs 35 crore for those kids going to anganwadis in the state. The state government is likewise attempted 14,700 water protection attempts to the tune of Rs 414 crore which will help make occupations in provincial regions, including those through MGNREGA till June 10.

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