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Congress pioneer and previous Madhya Pradesh boss clergyman Digvijaya Singh on Sunday said Jyotiraditya Scindia won’t get similar regard and treatment in the BJP as he got in the Congress since he had stood in opposition to the RSS before.

Tending to a virtual question and answer session, Singh said that Scindia resembled his child. He stated, “When he (Scindia) was with the Congress, he had a state in designating region presidents from Morena to Mandsaur. No other pioneer got similar regard in the Congress as you did. It won’t occur now in light of the fact that the RSS makes major decisions in the BJP and you have condemned it previously.”

“Possibly you were in a rush to get into Narendra Modi’s service,” Singh stated, including that the voters will “show a thing or two” to the individuals who cut down the Kamal Nath-drove Congress government an exercise in the resulting by-decisions to 24 seats.

When asked whether the Congress would move its MLAs in the state to resorts in front of the Rajya Sabha races, Singh stated, “The individuals who could be purchased over have just gone,” alluding to the gathering’s chiefs and officials, drove by Scindia, who exchanged over to the BJP, cutting down the Nath government in March.

“There are numerous officials for whom even Rs 1 crore implies a great deal, yet they didn’t capitulate in any event, when offered tremendous entireties,” he stated, attacking the MLAs who absconded to BJP, purportedly subsequent to being offered wholes in the overabundance of Rs 30 crore.

Singh additionally asserted he had passed on to Scindia that while both he and Nath are in their 70s and would before long blur away, the previous Guna MP had two-three many years of dynamic governmental issues before him.

Reviewing that previous Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had brought the counter surrender law, Singh said the law should now be revised again to boycott individuals’ agents who change parties from challenging for a long time.

Singh likewise charged Tulsiram Silawat and Govind Singh Rajput — two Scindia supporters who are currently in Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s bureau — of debasement.

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