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Vadodara – The 11th in-house computerized allotment of 403 vacant and canceled houses of different categories was drawn under Mukhya Mantri Gruh Yojana. Under Mukhyamantri Gruh Yojana, in different areas of Vadodara city, EWS has 1470 LIG’s 4968 and M. I. Gina 417 M A total of 6855 houses have been constructed.

A total of 10 computerized draws have been made for these houses so far but so far the houses canceled by the beneficiaries of the houses are the remaining 27 LIGs of EWS, 323 and M. eye. 403 houses are vacant with 43 houses in Gina. People applied to the corporation for these houses. There were 1410 such requests. For which the 11th in-house draw was held instead of drawing in public keeping in view the present circumstances.

With this draw, houses will now be allotted to the beneficiaries and for that, according to the category of houses, the corporation will get an income of about Rs. 46 Cr. The result of the draw of houses will be seen on the website of the corporation from today.

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