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The Nadiad sessions court on Friday dismissed the expectant bail request of an associate sub-overseer (ASI) connected with the Nadiad rustic police headquarters who was reserved by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for purportedly requesting a pay off of Rs 5,000 to not enroll a protest against a smuggler.

The court dismissed the bail supplication saying that as at first sight, he appeared to have a job in the defilement case.

The court likewise dismissed the normal bail supplication of Kabhabhai Parmar, who had acknowledged the second portion of the pay off in the interest of ASI Savabhai Rathod, the police said.

The complainant for the situation who was captured by the police for selling unlawful alcohol had moved toward the ACB after the ASI had requested Rs 5,000 for not enrolling an objection.

The complainant had just paid a portion of Rs 2,500 and had moved toward the ACB before paying the subsequent part.

A case was enlisted with the ACB on June 4. Parmar was seized in the act while taking kickbacks in the interest of Rathod in a snare set somewhere near the ACB.

Rathod has been on the run since then.

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