Health minister KK Shailaja has said the department is looking into the situation to find out the main source of the infection. (Photo: ANI)
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As Kerala is battling with Covid-19, a brand new bacterial an infection has been reported from the state spreading worry because the an infection may be deadly and is believed to be contagious.

An 11-year-old boy has died of the an infection and lots of are reporting the signs.

Here is all you’ll want to find out about this new an infection in Kerala:

1. The identify of the micro organism is Shigella and the an infection is named shigellosis.

2. Symptoms embrace diarrhoea, fever, abdomen cramps which may final for seven days. Treatment is mostly finished by means of antibiotics, which cam shorten the length of the sickness.

three. Shigella micro organism spreads from one individual to a different individual by means of numerous means — even after the contaminated individual is cured of diarhhea.

four. It takes a small variety of micro organism to make somebody ailing.

5. Contaminated meals, water are the supply of the an infection.

6. Like in case of Covid-19, this an infection may be prevented by sustaining correct hygiene. Washing fingers correctly is understood to push back the micro organism.

7. The micro organism spreads not solely by means of surfaces — touching an contaminated floor after which touching the mouth — but additionally from consuming meals ready by somebody carrying the an infection.

eight. Though individuals from all ages can get contaminated, youngsters are extra prone to the an infection. In Kerala too, those that have reported the an infection are largely youngsters. People who’re travelling are additionally susceptible to the an infection as they could get uncovered to contaminated water throughout travelling.

Health officers in Kerala have discovered that those that are presently affected by the illness someway got here in contact with the 11-year-old boy. They had both attended the boy’s funeral or had meals from his home.


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