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Congress leader K C Venugopal said the six years of the Modi dispensation have seen fraying of bonds of empathy, fraternity, and brotherhood with an increase in acts of communal and sectarian violence.

The Congress on Friday portrayed the primary year of the Modi government as a “time of disillusionment, lamentable administration and wicked agony”.

Congress pioneer KC Venugopal said the six years of the Modi agreement have seen fraying of obligations of compassion, clique, and fellowship with increment in demonstrations of collective and partisan savagery.

Congress boss representative Randeep Surjewala said that toward the finish of six years, it shows up the Modi government is at war with its kin and is incurring wounds on them, rather than mending them.

“It is exacting injuries on Mother India,” he said.

“This legislature is attempting to fill coffers of the select rich and is causing torment on poor people,” Surjewala said.

On the BJP’s charge of the Congress wading into the controversy over the COVID-19 emergency, Venugopal said the resistance didn’t enjoy any governmental issues and gave proposals.

“Being a capable resistance, it is our obligation to raise the issues looked by the ordinary citizens. As a restriction, we featured the disappointments of the administration,” he said.

Venugopal said the legislature “is absolutely obtuse” to the predicament of vagrant workers and ranchers.

Surjewala likewise requested that a virtual meeting of Parliament be assembled quickly to talk about problems that need to be addressed and the fair treatment be gotten underway for holding of gatherings of different parliamentary boards of trustees.

Modi and his bureau had made the vow on this day a year ago for a second term in office.

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