Ratan Tata disappoints because of people who are fired from their jobs, said is this your morality ??
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Ratan Tata disappoints because of people who are fired from their jobs, said is this your morality ??

The Corona epidemic has paralyzed everything, including offices, businesses, and employment, for the past few months. At that time, the market is witnessing a downturn. The biggest impact has been on jobs and labor. Because jobless people are being fired. So even the laborers are not getting proper work. Ratan Tata then commented on the incident and advised the employees to be sensitive.

In an interview, Ratan Tata, a mentor to the Tata group, expressed displeasure over the layoffs caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. He said companies have a responsibility to people in difficult times of the coronavirus. “Sensitivity to employees to work long hours and perform well is paramount for entrepreneurs and companies,” he said in an interview with Your Story. This is how you treat your employees during epidemics, is this your morality?

Corona lost thousands of jobs

Ratan Tata said thousands of people were laid off when the virus began to spread in the country. Can this solve your problem? I don’t think it can happen because you’ve lost business, it’s not fair to fire people in such a situation. Instead, it becomes your responsibility towards the people. We cannot isolate ourselves by saying that we are doing this for our shareholders. You can’t survive in this environment unless you are sensitive, so people should worry about their workplace first.

Epidemics will affect you everywhere

“You have no place to hide or escape, wherever you go, the Kovid-19 epidemic affects you,” said Ratan Tata. It is better to accept the situation. Whatever your reasons, you have to make changes in everything that is right or good and necessary to survive. The Corona virus epidemic has affected businesses in many areas, many of which have been laid off and cuts to sustain the business. Many unicorns such as Ola, Oyo, Swiggy and Zomato had to cut back on their employees as well as businesses from the startup ecosystem due to the outbreak.

The mill workers worked for you, how right is it to leave it?

Ratan Tata said about the situation of migrants and day laborers following the epidemic that they had returned home without any public transport in the scorching heat during the lockdown as they had no source of income. He said the country’s largest labor force was told there was no work for you and no way to send you home. They have no food to eat, no place to stay. Don’t blame anyone for this, but this was the traditional approach, now that scene has changed. Who are you to do this? These are the people who have worked for you, who have served you throughout their careers so you let them live in the rain. You behave like this with your labor force, is that your morality today?

People will understand better if such a situation arises again

“I hope we don’t see this kind of situation again, but if we have to face this kind of situation again, I think people will have a better understanding of what they can do,” he said. Companies are reacting in a hurry by firing people.

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