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Chile’s Marble Caves is one of the most extraordinary places to visit in South America.

Prepare to be utterly captivated by volcanoes, mountains, glaciers and lakes in Northern Patagonia, a montage of some of the most spectacular natural sites Chile has to offer. Glide through the heart of Patagonia on the rippling azure waters of Carerra Lake, Chile’s largest body of water, and marvel at the magnificent scenery. Boasting myriad exhilarating activities, this is the ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Revel in horse riding, sport fishing, trekking and walking amongst sensational flora and fauna on the shores of this sparkling lake.


Embark on a one-of-a-kind boat or kayak excursion to one of the most isolated natural treasures of the world, the iconic Marble Cathedral at the Marble Chapel Nature Sanctuary. Explore a labyrinth of water-sculpted blue caverns and intricate caves that will leave you breathless. Formed by over 6 000 years of erosion the famous Cathedral, the Chapel and the Cave are the three formations that make up these unique geological formations.

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As you float through these exquisite tunnels, marvel at mesmerising colours and layered textures, and capture spectacular images of this wonder, an unforgettable highlight of Chilean Patagonia. The marble itself isn’t a brilliant blue, but it dances with cerulean displays of colour when the water reflects its light. The mineral impurities in the marble have turned into beautiful calligraphy swirls of rosy pink and robin’s egg blue across the walls.   On a peninsula of solid marble, these enchanting caves sit in waters shared by Argentina and Chile, where the colour oscillates from a shimmering emerald to a hazy azure, and is fed by mighty rivers carrying glacial water down from the Andes.


What Are The Marble Caves

Chile’s Marble Caves is one of the most extraordinary places to visit in South America.

The magnificent Marble Caves have formed over the last 6000+ years as the water melted from the nearby glaciers filling up General Carrera Lake and washing up against these solid rocks slowly carving out intricate caverns, columns, and tunnel systems.

Over thousands of years, this mineral-rich glacier water also changed the color and shape of the Marble Cave formations to beautiful hues of blues, greens, blacks, and yellows.

Instead of mining these unique marble rocks the surrounding area protects them while permitting visitors to come and tour the Marble Caves.

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Where Are The Marble Caves Located

With colorful swirling patterns and turquoise blue water, Marble Caves attract visitors from all over the world – despite the remote location and difficulty in accessing them.

Marble Caves are located on General Carrera Lake in southern Chile. General Carrera Lake is the biggest lake in Chile and it spans across from Chile into Argentina. But the Marble Caves are located and accessible from the Chile side so you’ll need to travel into Chile through Chile Chico city if you plan to visit these cave formations from Argentina.

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How To Visit The Marble Caves

To visit the Marble Caves you will need to sign up with a local tour company. Most of the tour companies operate from Puerto Rio Tranquilo town in Chile and you have the option to take a boat tour or a kayak tour.

Taking a boat tour is the cheapest and quickest option of the two so this is what we chose during our visit.

Research done by : Devika Shitole

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