Covid 19 Vaccine rollout may remain slow despite lowering of age
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NEW DELHI: The swap to the brand new scheme of Covid-19 vaccinations for these 18 and above, to be delivered by states and personal hospitals from May 1, may see the present slowdown in vaccinations persisting although the Centre expects the system to stabilise and regain momentum after some time.
The Centre expects the transition to be shorter than is being speculated and that the brand new scheme can be rolled out on a major scale later in May. Officials stated states can be onboarded as soon as their vaccine provides can be found although that is more likely to occur erratically. States faster to tie up vaccine deliveries will have the ability to roll out quicker. But total, the following few weeks may see a sluggish tempo of vaccinations.
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Meanwhile, vaccines supplied by the Centre for the 45-plus age group will continue to be available at government hospitals and will be sufficient for fresh recipients and those due for second shots. The need to ensure there is no break in vaccine schedules for this priority group is a reason why Centre-supplied vaccines are not available for the enlarged pool of 18-plus recipients once the quota of shots was split 50:50 with states, hospitals and corporate entities.
The vaccination drive has clearly slowed in April after a high of 45.4 lakh on April 5 with vaccine hesitancy rising in the wake of an alarming increase in infections with people putting off visits to hospitals to receive their shots. However, vaccination footfalls had begun to drop in late March and early April itself. From May 1 onwards, when the 18 and above cohort becomes eligible for shots, vaccinations may remain flat for a while. On Thursday, the total vaccinations delivered were 19.4 lakh.
However, officials said the pace of vaccinations is expected to surge as vaccines become available for programmes run by states and hospital chains begin to tie in their contracts as well. The demand for vaccines is clear enough with registrations on
Co-Win touching three.5 crore until Wednesday. This will encourage each vaccine makers and states and hospitals to step up manufacturing in addition to signal contracts for crores of pictures within the coming months.


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