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KOLKATA: Former Meghalaya governor Tathagata Roy led a blistering assault in opposition to the “foursome” Kailash-Dilip-Shiv-Arvind (KDSA) – Bengal BJP minder Kailash Vijayvargiya, Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh, get together leaders Shiv Prakash and Arvind Menon – the day he was summoned to Delhi for his controversial “nogorer noti” remarks in opposition to the get together’s Tollywood celeb candidates.
These candidates had gone on a ship journey with their political adversary, Trinamool Congress chief Madan Mitra, within the run-up to polls.
Roy, who’s down with Covid, is upset over BJP’s efficiency within the Bengal meeting polls and has blamed “KDSA” immediately for the ballot debacle. “They have dragged the names of our respected PM and home minister through mud and have sullied the name of the biggest political party in the world,” the BJP chief posted on his Twitter deal with on Thursday.
Roy, who describes himself as a swayamsevak, mentioned the 4 distributed tickets to “incoming garbage” from Trinamool and added that BJP would now face an exodus of the “garbage” and likewise outdated get together karyakartas let down by Bengal BJP brass.
“These people have heaped the worst possible insults on ideologically driven BJP workers and devout swayamsevaks who had been relentlessly working for the party since 1980s. Now those very people are suffering the worst persecution from Trinamoolis. But KDSA won’t go to their rescue, they won’t even exhort them to fight back,” Roy mentioned.



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