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NEW DELHI: Not a single dose of the vaccine shall be wasted, Niti Aayog member well being Dr V K Paul mentioned, assuring that vaccine doses are being utilised absolutely and in case of stockpiling, extra individuals shall be added for immunization.
“There is no question of a single precious dose getting wasted because we could not administer it on time before their expiry. Not a single dose will be wasted. We are monitoring the vaccines twice daily and we are very well aware as of which batches are expiring when,” Dr Paul mentioned, underlining that it’s being monitored each day.
He additional mentioned a passable image is rising when it comes to the pandemic.
“We are consistently performing well on almost all parameters,” he mentioned whereas cautioning in opposition to decreasing the guard and pressured on following the COVID-19 acceptable behaviour.
The well being ministry had earlier directed states/UTs to make sure no waste of COVID-19 vaccines as vaccinators at session websites can add extra beneficiaries other than the focused 100 beneficiaries a day at a specific website. Besides, states and enormous hospitals are additionally allowed to conduct a number of classes concurrently or add extra classes than deliberate on their very own.
While the Centre began the vaccination drive after factoring in 10% wastage, it additionally issued detailed pointers to states and UTs to keep away from wastage of vaccines.


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