Social Humour Memes explode as Uttarakhand CM goofs up again
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DISCLAIMER: This is a compilation of humour being shared by netizens all over the world. Times of India neither condones nor endorses any of the views shared on this article right here. The subject material is meant purely as satire.
NEW DELHI. Uttarakhand chief minister Tirath Singh Rawat, in a serious gaffe, confused the United Kingdom with the United States of America whereas commenting on how India tackled the Covid-19 pandemic higher than many nations.
“The scenario would have been worse in case there was another person instead of Modi as PM of the nation,” Rawat mentioned, including that the nation was “in a much better situation compared to other countries like America which enslaved us for 200 years and which ruled the world once and it was said that the sun never used to set on its empire.”

01:55America enslaved us for 200 years, says Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat

Rawat’s goof up invited wrath of social media customers by way of memes and one-liners.

Earlier, Rawat had courted controversy after his remarks on ladies sporting ripped denims.

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